Recent Projects

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Residential Projects

Concrete Patio

With a broom finish and decorative brick paver border and curved design

  • And built in Fire Pits and Adjacent circular garden wall.
Real Estate

Brick Paver Walkway

With landscaping, garden bed preparation, and lawn care.

  • New sod, grass seed, straw, fertilizer and full yard clean up.
  • New mulch, new garden bed edging, garden bed sculpture and design
  • Lawn Mowed regularly and kept healthy
  • Annuals and perennials planted with environmentally friendly fertilizer
Commercial Properties

Multiple layer Curved Patio

With retaining walls on the sides and an attached fire pit.

  • Patio made with stone pavers with stone paver borders
  • Built-in Fire Pit
  • Integrated Retaining Walls

More Projects.

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